Jill, 1. May 2006, 20:09

Sorabol! on Keeaumoku.

To those of you who like butterfish:

Sooo yummy there! I’m not a huge butterfish fan, but this was good. It comes steamed in this spicy red sauce with vegetables and you eat it with hot rice. Wow. Not greasy too. added benefit there. one order feeds 2 for about 15.00. Good deal.

I also had the seafood pancake. Resembles Okonomiyaki. Also, yum.

My fav is BiBimBap. Comes in the hot stone pot. Also yum.

My recommendation is to go with the butterfish. My friend who is Korean, might I add, recommended it. 🙂 It’s certified! 🙂 Very delish. 🙂 fun place to go with lots of folks too. Sorry, if this is old news but it was great to eat there….

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