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Mitchell, 2. July 2006, 0:07

Grace, Penny, and I had to go to elections training, so we had dinner beforehand at the Green Door, one of the downtown eateries that’s been getting quite a bit of buzz this year. We at off of styrene plates with plastic utensils, and our food was served in top- and bottom-halves of styrene take-out boxes, so you’re not paying for ambience here. But the food, listed as Malaysian/Singaporean, was yummy. We had a chicken curry, a stir-fried eggplant/tofu dish, and a spicy jumbo-shrimp dish. For sides, we ordered the flatbread (can’t remember the name of it) and some coconut rice. The coconut rice was terrific, especially with the curry.

There are only four tables in the place, so I’d recommend reservations. The three of us paid about twelve bucks each, including tip; we might have paid considerably more for the same food at a nicer restaurant (you know, one with dishes and plates), so I think it was a good deal.

Reid (2008)
Green Door (next to McDonald’s in Kahala in a tiny stripmall)

This is the restaurant that used to be on Pauahi Street. Now, it’s next to the the place where Olive Tree used to be. Anyway, I believe the food is a combination of Southeast Asian cooking–i.e. Thai, Malay, etc. Here are some of things we got (I was having trouble with my camera so I apologize for the fuzzy quality):

Here is the special of the evening, the shrimp roll. This is basically a light, crispy egg roll type of appetizer. The owner recommended we eat this with the salad we ordered.

That salad was the pineapple, watermelon pork salad. (I think there were some other ingredients like green papaya, but I can’t remember them all.) I had heard about a Thai place in NYC that had a great watermelon pork salad, so I wanted to try this. It was very refreshing, and the ingredients went well together.

The next dish is the pork loin in nonya sauce. This was lightly breaded and came with a nonya sauce. I’m not sure what that was, but I believe it had a sour kind of taste. The pork wasn’t so tasty, and I didn’t care for the sauce, although it wasn’t bad.

Penny recommended the coconut rice and we also tried the roti bread. I couldn’t taste any coconut in the first several bites of the rice, but when I did, I agree it was good. The roti was OK, almost like a pratha.

We were still hungry so we got the shrimp in a chili sauce. That’s not the correct name, but it had some chili in it, and it was a tomato based sauce with ginger. It reminded me a of beef tomato sauce. I enjoyed the sauce.

We also ordered the Malaysian chicken curry, which was one of the best dishes, but I don’t have a picture.

I think the total bill was around $60, so it was pretty reasonable. It wasn’t a lot of food, though.

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