Ben and Jerry’s

Mitchell, 8. August 2006, 22:46

This is my new favorite ice cream place. Yes, I still like Cold Stone, but man. The ice cream here just rocks. I don’t think the quality is any better than at Bubbies, but I like the flavors better. I go to Bubbies and I almost always know exactly what I want. I went to B&J’s and had a difficult time choosing.

Grace pointed out to me that for what you spend on two scoops at the Scoop Shop, you can get a whole pint at the supermarket. This is true, but (a) if you do that, you’ll be eating ice cream in, and not out, and (b) you won’t get to try different flavors, some of which the have at the scoop shop but don’t have at the grocery store.

I had a scoop of coffee and a scoop of Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, and was really, really, really happy with the Oatmeal Cookie Chunk. You know that oatmeal cookie taste that’s kinda cinnamony and kinda honey-y? It was like that. Maybe even a little bit of ginger; I couldn’t tell. But the ICE CREAM part of it tasted like a very tasty oatmeal cookie. The cookie chunks were just gravy. Not Wavy Gravy — that’s a different flavor.

The service was not as good as at Bubbies, and of course the ambience wasn’t as good, but I liked the cow theme and the surfing cows on the mural. The scoops could have been a bit more generous, but I’m willing to overlook that.

There’s a new apple pie flavor that i’m dying to try, too.

I have two favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavors, and one of them was in the shop: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. The other, Coffee Heath Bar Crunch, was absent, but I wouldn’t have gotten that anyway; too many other flavors in the display case that I’d never had!

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