IHOP! (International House of Pancakes)

12. August 2006, 11:53

Penny and I checked it out on an impulse. The parking in the hotel is RIDICULOUS. Tiny stalls in narrow driving alleys made it a challenge, even with the VERY helpful assistance of the parking attendant and a special wide stall reserved for vans. The ramps going from one level to the next are STEEP. Holy cow.

Penny had the Pancake Combo, which was her choice of two same-type pancakes (she chose the Harvest Grain & Nut), the breakfast meat of her choice (bacon), hash browns, and three eggs (over easy). Her pancakes were good — nutty and grainy, just as you’d expect.

I had the country-fried steak and eggs, which came with three eggs (sunny-side up) and two buttermilk pancakes. The steak was okay, the eggs pretty good (a little on the runny side for my taste), and the pancakes yummy. My favorite part of this whole meal was trying the different syrups. There were pitchers of blueberry, butter pecan, boysenberry, and strawberry syrup on our table, and the waiter brought hot “maple” syrup (no idea if it was maple or maple-flavored). It was just really fun tasting and commenting on the syrups. My favorite was the blueberry.

Worth a trek into Waikiki if you’re not in a hurry to get anywhere and you feel pretty good about your parking.

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