Soul de Cuba

Reid, 16. September 2006, 7:24

(across from the Hawai’i Theater)

I wanted to like this place, but it really disappointed Larri and me. When I eat Latin food, I’m expecting a lot of flavor and kick. The food here was bland (at least relative to my expectations). We got the mixed sampler–which came with three shelled shrimp, a deep-fried crab dish and an empanada–normally a pastry turnover with a meat filling. The meat filling was good (probably the best thing that we got), but the shells weren’t of the flaky, pastry variety. Instead, they were Oriental style wraps a la mandoo, gyoza. The other dishes weren’t bad, but just mediocre.

The main dishes weren’t any better. Larri got a shredded pork dish. If you’re familiar with shredded bbq pork people serve in sandwiches, this was a lot like that, including a tomato based sauce. They could have put more sauce, but I guess it wouldn’t have mattered much because the taste was lifeless.

I had a steak. The quality of meat was very similar to the type you get at standard plate lunch place. Both dishes were served over rice (white or flavored in a similar way to the kind you get at Mexican places). You also had two pieces of fried bananas.

I did like the small intimate size of the room. (The chairs seem out of place though.) I really wanted to like this place, but alas. It was way too expensive for what we got, too. I would try different entres if you go there.

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