Reid, 16. September 2006, 9:03

On a more positive note, Larri and I went to KJ’s. I know Don and Mitchell raved about this place particularly the quantity. Well, not just the quantity: Don told me that he preferred their fried chicken to Zippy’s. Really? Well, after trying their fried chicken, I might agree with him. The skin is super crisp, not all battery and the meat is flavorful. As for the quantity, the chicken plate ($6) comes with six thighs! That’s unbelieveable.

The place also seems to have a mainland approach, similar to Bear’s. In addition to “macaroni” salad–actually, it’s a spaghetti salad with tuna–you can get corn or green beans. I like that option and went with the green beans.

I didn’t get the fried chicken plate, but a mix of kal-bi and Korean chicken (little drummettes). They were just OK. Larri got the stuffed cabbage and fried chicken. The stuffed cabbage came with a beef and rice filling. It was solid. The next time we’re going to picnic on the Windward side, we’ll have to bring some KJ’s fried chicken.

2 Responses to “KJ’s”

  1. Reid

    Mitchell raved about their furikake chicken, and I had the opportunity to try this recently. I’m sad to report that I didn’t care for it. It was basically panko fried boneless chicken in a shoyu based sauce. It was super sweet, tangy and salty–so much so that I didn’t finish eating the whole thing. (Larri said she kinda liked it, although she only took one bite.)

  2. mitchell

    There’s no accounting for taste. 🙂

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