India Bazaar

Reid, 30. September 2006, 11:37

One of my favorite places now is India Bazaar, across from the Old Stadium Park in Moiliili. For $6.50, I get three vegetarian choices, plus rice. The food is so flavorful that I could see myself becoming a vegetarian if this was the food I had to eat. I usually get the potato “stir fry”–which is basically cut potates with some carrots, and other vegetables. Of course, this is nothing like Far East Asian stir-fry; spinach and lentil and the mushrooms and potato (a little spicy). The rice is done in a sort of rice pilaf way, but more tasty and flavorful. They have about nine choices, only one chicken dish.

It’s a perfect lunch place for me because I don’t like getting stuffed when I work.

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