Makino Chaya

Reid, 15. November 2006, 20:28

I had one of the worst–let’s just remove the “one of”–dining experiences ever. The restaurant? Makino Chaya. Larri and I went there for birthdays of two friends. We went there before for another friend’s birthday, and while it wasn’t good, I don’t remember it being this bad. (The only other place that comes close is Todai.) Why was it so bad? Well, you know how good cooks say the secret to a dish is love. Well, what you have is that exact opposite here–not hate, but contempt or even indifference. These guys don’t care how the food tastes it seems. At times there are certain dishes that are OK, but then you go back to the same dish and then it tastes funny: like slightly frozen; too salty; too oily or something. The restaurant is all about one thing: quantity. I’m reminded of the joke in Annie Hall about the terrible restaurants: it’s bad and has such small portions. Makino Chaya’s is bad, but they give you a lot! That should be there slogan: We serve bad food–but a lot of it!

Anyway, when I realize the food is cooked this way, I started to get queesy. It’s as if an illusion was broken. But that’s not the worst of it. What made me really sick is seeing all the people in that place. The place was packed. We sat in the middle and the tables are almost touching each other. You see all these people scarfing down mounds of this crap; long lines of people just waiting to get in so that they too can chow down on this sludge. That’s what really did it for me. It’s like the spell was not broken for these people. It was a like a nigthmarish sci-fi scenario–soylent buffet! “Makino Chaya food is made out of people!”

Anyway, I would never go there again, even if someone paid me.

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