NFL Draft: Tracking the Comments of Experts (2014- )

I’ve done other threads, by draft year (2014, 2015 and 2016). I don’t really like that format, as I now prefer having just one long thread, making it easier to find previous comments. The idea, as I explained in those other threads, is to create a repository of comments and ratings from draft experts and track them over time. (For what it’s worth, I’m far more interested in the accuracy of the comments than looking just looking at the grades.) Please post comments from analysts of players that you’d like to track.

For this year’s draft, I’m going to start off with a comment about Malik McDowell, a DT, that went to Seattle. Former NFL defensive lineman, Stephen White, really likes Malik McDowell
(who went to the Seahawks). I’m not sure about his track record, but I like his analysis, the way he explains his reasons and uncertainties, and a bunch of other things.

My NFL doppleganger for McDowell is David Irving’s flashes, but consistently. Yeah, yeah, I know Dallas uses Irving some in the A gap, too. I wish I had the :eyeroll: emoji right now.

Anyway, Malik McDowell is going to kick some ass in the NFL and you can beleee dat! Some may laugh at my comment about picking McDowell over (Solomon) Thomas today, but don’t be surprised if three years from now McDowell is the more productive player. Regardless of when he is drafted, you can expect McDowell to be ready to play from day one and to keep getting better the more he plays.

McDowell’s best days are ahead of him and, barring injury, I see him being a Pro Bowl type player by his third year, if not sooner, and a double digit sack guy maybe in his second year if he goes somewhere with a good to great 3-4 defensive coordinator. If you don’t know the name by now and your team has a pick in the first round, I would suggest you get very familiar.

4 Responses to “NFL Draft: Tracking the Comments of Experts (2014- )”

  1. Reid

    The #Browns got best pass rusher in #NFLDraft Myles Garrett. #Ravens got the 2nd best pass rusher in 3rd Rd with Tim Williams @nflnetwork— Charley Casserly (@CharleyCasserly) May 4, 2017

    Never heard of Tim Williams. Seems like a somewhat bold claim. I’ll try to remember his name.

    Here’s another one from supposedly a dump/leak from Seattle’s FO:

    also, SEA didn't even have Garrett in their Top 10 (seems crazy to me- but that's what it said)— DAVIS HSU (@DavisHsuSeattle) May 4, 2017

  2. Reid

    On Josh Doctson (WR) and Matt Jones (RB)

  3. Mitchell

    Who are they? Current college players?

  4. Reid

    I think they were rookies last year for the Redskins. Redskins released Jones, though. By his comment, I take it that there’s been criticism towards these players and maybe indirectly the fact that McCloughan, as GM, chose them.

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