‘Umeke Market

Reid, 5. April 2007, 20:34

This is in a little strip mall sort of across the street from Kahala (Hawaii Kai side of the strip mall with Antonio’s). It’’s basically a health food store with a deli. They also have a few tables to eat at, and I was surprised by the ambiance of the place. I felt like eating there would be kinda cool–not for like a nice dinner, but a casual lunch or dinner, maybe.

The food is upscale, similar to what you see at Diamond Head Grill. Like Diamond Head Grill it’s not cheap, but “Umeke seems to emphasize organic products and more healthful dishes. (They had a soup that was for cleansing your body. I can’t remember what was in it, but it sounded good, or at least edible.)

They had a lot of sandwiches–the turky hummus focaccia caught my eye–and soups. They also have pre made dishes you can get like meatloaf, free range chicken curry or rosemary style. I had the salmon salad ($8) and a white bean stew ($4.50). The stew was more like a soup, and it should have been called white bean-rosemary soup. Rosemary was the dominant flavor besides the beans. (There were also some carrots and garlic, I think.) They also have a dinner menu, but I can’t remember what’s on it. I definitely want to go try some other stuff.

In a way, my interst is a bit weird because the place is similar to Diamond Head Grill Deli, and while the food looked good, it just seemed overpriced. ‘Umeke is very similar, but I think it’s the vibe of the place. I liked the lighting, signage and I don’t know what else.

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