Satura Cakes

cindy, 20. March 2007, 20:33

New neo-french japanese bakery across Border’s Ward. Good coffee and tea with free WiFi open til about 10pm. Pastry is pricey but worth a try–not too sweet and high quality. Not quite as pretentious as the other new place that opened in Ala Moana. The mille crepes are a specialty.

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  1. Reid

    Display case of some of the goodies at Satura cakes.


    Here’s an almond croissant that I got. As you can see, it’s a flat croissant. Like most other desserts here, it wasn’t very sweet, but it was tasty.


    Here was an almond shortbread cookie (I don’t think that’s the official name of it.) The almonds are held together by a gooey caro syrup. It was alright.

    This is the blueberry parfait. The blueberries aren’t very sweet, but the dish is still good.

    This is a mango brioche and I can’t remember the name of the other item, but it was similar to a less sweet ensemada. The mango brioche was pretty good.

    Most of the desserts on the small side. I think the price range is from $3-$6. I don’t know if this is a Japanese based company, but that would be my guess based on the type of desserts (not very big portions, not very sweet or heavy).

    (Sorry about the lame commentary.)

  2. renee

    i’ve really wanted to like this place (the bg girls anxiously awaited it’s grand opening when word got out that it was coming to ward centre)… my faves are the maccha corone & the ham&cheese croissant. can’t go wrong with the Zoka coffee either. There was a weird maccha drink that tasted like it was made with half&half. bleh. given a choice, i’d pick la palme d’or in ala moana over satura.

  3. Mitchell

    I’m not especially fond of this place either, but it’s a good place to hang and the presentation is just mind-blowing sometimes. Since I’m not much of a dessert guy anyway, it doesn’t matter much to me that the desserts don’t taste as good as they look. I’m there to hang out with friends anyway, and it’s a good place for that. 🙂

  4. Reid

    It is a kind of good place to hang-out, although I would say the outside is better than the inside (which is unnusual for me, since I generally like eating indoors). I think the outside is a nice location.

    I also agree that the presentation is nice and sometimes the dessert doesn’t live up to it. One thing that is good about this place is that the desserts are almost never heavy, so if you’re full, but still want something sweet, this is a good place to go. (Actually, you can say that about all the Japanese dessert places.)


    I have to check out La Palme D’or again. I’ve only been there once. The space is kinda cramped though, and I don’t really care for the modern decor that newer Japanese places seem to like. (They have a cold and clinical feel to them.)

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