pen, 20. April 2007, 10:23

Cindy and I went to Bombay this past week. It’s located in Discovery Bay in Waikiki, across from the Ilikai and next to Shanghai Bistro. I think we both enjoyed ourselves overall.

Food: Quite good, but a little on the expensive side. We had samosas (they were big and stuffed with mashed potatos and peas). They came with 2 dipping sauces: a rather sweet, slightly tangy tamarind sauce and a fresh, herbal slightly spicy cilantro sauce. Both were good, but I liked the sharp taste of the cilantro sauce a little better.
We also ordered the chicken tikka masala (a house specialty at $16) and baingan bhartha (baked and mashed eggplant cooked with onions, tomatoes, and spices at $12) which was a little spicier than the more mellow chicken tikka, which had lots of tumeric and was in that milky curry sauce. I enjoyed the baingan bhartha more and Cindy liked the tikka masala better. Both entrees came with a scoop of basmati rice and a micro salad…and when I say micro, I mean micro. It was litterally 5 small ripped pieces of manoa-type lettuce and 6 slivers of purple cabbage. As Cindy said, it was more “garnish” than salad.
They had a special garlic nan that day. Cindy and I shared one…it was very good. Not overpowering, but garlicky.
We also both had the mango lassi, which was yummy, cool and refreshing. If we go back, we decided to make sure we order our dishes “spicy” because it would have made the dishes taste better.
We ended the meal with gulab jamun (2 fried golf-ball sized dough balls swimming in a not-as-sweet-as-it-looked pool of honey, about $5), mainly because the Weekly reviewer raved about it (Cindy and I were both full already). It was okay…not as good as the reviewer made it out to be, but worth trying.

Service: Not that great. Our samosas came after our main dishes (and we had to ask for it). There was some mix up as to whether our waiter put in our order (the other guy said we were not charged for it), but when we asked our waiter directly, he acted like he knew we wanted them (he didn’t write our order down). The wait staff was not particularly responsive or helpful (I asked about this chicken 56 appetizer and the waiter wasn’t too enthusiastic…I still want to try it!) and he never asked us if we wanted our dishes “spicy.” The water-filler dudes on the other hand, were right on their game (Mitchell, you would love it!)

Ambiance: Pretty good. A little dark and some of the tables are a bit close together, but not unlike many other restaurants (Alan Wong’s, 3660, etc.) The space seems open and friendly and a little sophisticated with the dark wood furnishings). It’s Waikiki, so everything from people dressed up for a special occasion to tourists in shorts were there. I felt comfortable and relaxed. You can sit and talk. (In fact the table next to us had two guys that were complaining about the food…something about the crab tasting like tuna and some other stuff. It seemed like they planned to eat there, but after having the appetizers and experiencing the clumsy waiter who had cutlery clanging all over the place, decided to get their check and not have dinner there…oh well…)

Overall: Worth going a second time and trying some other dishes…perhaps the chicken tandoori or grilled lamb. It’s a little expensive and the wait staff leaves a bit to be desired, but I did feel satisfied when I left. Cindy and I walked from my apt. (isn’t it terrible when you anticipate your gluttony?) which really helped after that meal! Anyone interested in checking out Bombay let me know, because despite some hiccups, I’d like to go again!

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