Hidden Hits from the 80s

Mitchell brought up the song “Heart” by Marty Balin. It’s the type of song that I definitely recognize, but I never really hear or think about much. It’s the type of song that probably doesn’t appear on 80’s compilations or played all that much on 80’s radio stations. Those songs were pretty familiar to me when they were new, but now they’re largely pushed back in the recesses of my mind. I’m interested in finding more songs like this. Here’s another example:

Gavin Christopher: “One Step Closer” (1986)

You guys remember this song? I do, but I basically forgot about it.

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  1. Mitchell

    Yeah, I know that song. I liked it better on Michael Jackson’s Bad album, when it was called “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

    Just kidding. This doesn’t ring a single bell except for that bass line and rhythm sounding like Michael Jackson. Officially “One Step Closer to You,” but from an album called “One Step Closer.”

    I’ve actually been working on a Forgotten Eighties playlist, casually over the past few years.

    This is one of the first ones I put on it:

  2. Reid

    I liked it better on Michael Jackson’s Bad album, when it was called “The Way You Make Me Feel.”

    Haha! I only recently realized that a earlier today. Oh, you don’t remember it? I distinctly remember the part, “One Stop Closer to you…in my heard, in my mind” or something like that.

    Oh man, “Take a Little Rhythm” is a great pick! Totally forgot about that song, but I remember liking it quite a bit. Perfect choice.

  3. Reid

    Got another one. You guys want to guess? (I should give some clues, though, so it doesn’t take forever.)

  4. Reid

    I’ll give some clues and then post the answer if I don’t hear from you guys soon. I remember Don liking this song, or at least expressing agreement when I said something positive about it. I got the sense that he was one of the few people who knew and like this song. It’s one of those songs that wasn’t played a lot and only had a short lifespan on the radio. It came out about maybe ’79-’81 range, off the top of my head. The song is credited to two people, and as far as I know this is their only foray onto the charts, but they are fairly well known musicians.

  5. Mitchell

    Okay. I’m down to play two guessing games simultaneously if you are. 🙂

  6. Reid

    Sure. (Maybe we should end the first one soon, though?)

  7. don

    I’m 90% sure I know the song, so I won’t guess. If it’s the one I’m thinking of it’s like one of my favorites.

  8. Reid

    It’s still one of your favorites? If we’re thinking of the same song, I just remember one or two instances when we talked about this song. This is not the one we sang at karaoke at Robin’s grad party, you know (if you remember which one I’m talking about. I’d be kinda surprised–appalled–if this is still one of your favorites. 🙂

  9. don

    Favorites of that time. I get tired on songs, so I cannot listen to them forever, but I remember at one time that song was my favorite or one of my favorites. If it’s the song I’m thinking of I still have it on my Ipod, but never listen to it.

  10. Reid

    OK, I’m pretty sure we’re thinking of the same one. Do your remember the song we sang (or tried to sing) at Robin’s grad party?

  11. don

    I think it was “One in a Million You”.

  12. Reid


  13. Reid

    I have a bunch more. Do you guys want to try and guess some of them?

    There’s one thing I realized: Most of the songs that I consider “hidden” occur in the early 80s. There seems to be fewer hidden songs in the 80s–and that makes sense as the later songs are probably less farther back in the recesses of the mind (although that Gavin Christopher song, “One Step Closer,” is an exception, I think).

    (Mitchell, are you still working on the song that I was thinking of earlier?)

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