Mac 24/7

Reid, 16. June 2007, 10:11

(Prince Kuhio; free parking)

This is the relatively new 24 hour upscale diner. I read about the hubcapped sized pancakes, so I was intrigued. We had the “Elvis,” which came with a peanut butter sauce and bacon (chopped). The sauce was drizzled with the sauce and the bacon is spread over and between the pancakes. You get three huge pancakes that could feed 4-6 people. The pancakes itself were kinda bland and unremarkable, except for the size.

I liked the peanut butter sauce, and it was an OK match with the bacon. I needed more sauce, which they gave on the side.

Larri and I shared that, but she also ordered the grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. The soup was really strong and kinda creamy; the kind that could pass for a marinara sauce. The sandwiches were unremarkable.

The decor has that contemporary “cold” steel, marble minimalist look. If you like that sort of thing, then you’ll probably like the ambiance here.

Oh, the service was not very good. We were at the counter, and they were really slow. The bartender was nice enough, but I think the problem could have been the set-up.

They have some other things on the menu that looked interesting–e.g. lobster pot pie. The saimins were also super huge.

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