Reid, 16. June 2007, 10:43

(Pearl City; next to Flamingo’s)

This is a relatively new Thai restaurant in Pearl City. For some reason, there aren’t many Thai places on the Leeward side, which is a shame, as I love the food.

Anyway, a friend of mine works here and she gave us some recommendations. One of her favorite dishes was the pineapple fried rice. That’s right, pineapple. She first thought it was a dish designed to appease caucasian palatte. She discovered that they actually make this in Thailand. (Actually, I don’t know if it’s from Thailand. The restaurant serves dishes from other Southeastern countries–e.g. Laos). The dish comes in a scooped out pineapple, and includes cashews and raisins. You can order this with chicken, beef and shrimp. We got chiken. It was a pretty good, even though I don’t like raisins. The pineapple added a nice freshness.

With the fried rice, we had “holy basil.” I can’t remember all the ingredients, but the dish has a strong basil flavor. We ordered ours with beef, and I liked it. We also had the sweet chili basil sea bass. The sauce was a sweet (a little too sweet) with a nice bit of heat.

The best dish was the dungeoness crab curry. This comes at the market price (which was $45 that night). The best thing is the sauce. It’s a kinda of sweet, peanutly curry sauce. Plus, they have sauteed onions and peppers. The crab guts and extra crab meat are all sort of mixed into the sauce, too. Seriously, I could have just eaten the sauce over rice and I would have been happy. I don’t know if the sauce is better than the Pad Pet at Male, but I think it edges it a bit. (I haven’t tried the pad pet in a long time though.)

They have some interesting things on the menu, and I wouldn’t mind going back again.

Oh, the ambiance is sort of classy (like Hale Vietnam), but I think you could dress casually.

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