In recent years we’ve seen some interesting changes at the movie theater. In addition to bigger screens, larger and more comfortable seats, huge sound systems, and reserved seating, newer theaters have reclining seats, increased spacing, fold-out tables, and alcoholic beverages. Menu choices have gotten more interesting as well: I recently had okonomiyaki fries at the Ward theaters. They were basically fries with okonomiyaki kinds of toppings, such as cabbage, imitation crab, okonomiyaki sauce and even Kewpie Mayonnaise. While they weren’t amazing, they were a nice alternative to the stuff we’ve been getting our whole lives.

You know how they have special screenings for open-captioned viewing, and for parents with young kids so nobody feels pressured to leave the theater if their kids start making noise? I think they’re great ideas, and I would like to see special text-all-you-like screenings for those of us who like to live-tweet what we’re watching. I think this might encourage hardcore texters to go to these screenings, leaving the regular screenings with far fewer annoying talkers or texters.

We’ve seen a few sing-along films (Frozen and Beauty and the Beast recently), but what about a quote-along screenings, where viewers may feel free to recite dialogue along with the films? This would be great for films like Star Wars, The Princess Bride, Pulp Fiction, The Godfather, and Casablanca.

What have your experiences with the new amenities been like, and what do you think? Is there something you’d like to see local theaters introduce that they haven’t yet tried?

4 Responses to “Cinemamenities”

  1. don

    Count me out for the viewing in the “recite the dialogue” theater.

  2. Mitchell

    Have you taken your kid to the movies?

  3. don

    My son never watched an entire movie on video yet. I think the longest he lasted was probably a little over an hour. The closest we got to watching a movie at a theater is we watched “Moana” at the Convention Center. Normally the movies at the Convention Center are shown outside (I think), but the time we went it was drizzling, so it was inside. But once the popcorn ran out, check that, once we stopped him from eating popcorn, it was only ten more minutes before we left. We were there an hour or so. You can watch those cartoons “cliff notes style” on youtube, which my son likes to do once in a while. I wonder if I’m shrinking his attention span.

  4. Reid

    Ten or twenty years ago, I think I would have been enthusiastic about some of these innovations. Now, I must say that I’m not really enthusiastic about any of them. What a curmudgeon I’ve become. 🙁

    Here’s something I would like, though: one theater that projects film, instead of digital films. Of course, most of the films would be older, and I’d love if they showed the great films of the past.

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