Gun Violence

Thread to post articles on gun violence and gun control, as well a place to discuss the topic.

I Used to Think Gun Control Was the Answer My Research Told Me Otherwise is a somewhat surprising op-ed from a former writer from FiveThirtyEight.

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Good thread.

Whatever I experienced reading this quickly vanished.

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From The NRA is a Powerful Political Force–But Not Because of Its Money

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  1. Reid

    From New York Times: What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings?

    I didn’t read the entire article yet, but I wanted to point out the information I saw from the first chart:

    The United States has 270 million guns and had
    90 mass shooters between 1966 and 2012.

    No other country has more than 46 million guns or 18 mass shooters.


    Good thread explaining three loopholes in the gun control laws

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    Op-ed from The Hill: As a conservative, Republican gun owner, I think we need better gun regulations

    Here’s his four recommendations–all of which sound good to me:

    1. We desperately need sensible measures to limit the availability of assault rifles to those who shouldn’t own them. And after we sew up the holes that sometimes allow someone like the Texas shooter to access a weapon of war, let’s ask ourselves this question: Why does any civilian need to own an assault rifle?

    For hunting? Baloney. There are far better rifles for that pursuit.

    Target practice/Gun enthusiast? Hogwash. Join the Military or the FBI, serve our great nation, as many of us have. You can get your fill of the thrill of automatic weapons fire and high capacity magazines. And then those weapons get returned to an arms room, until needed for war or law enforcement or training. They’re safe there, and it’s damned difficult to fathom how they’d find their way into the wrong hands.

    Home defense? Sorry, but a good shotgun meets that need much better, unless you’re expecting an invasion along the shores of Long Island by a battalion of enemy combatants anytime soon.

    2. And how about all states require that lost or stolen firearms be reported to the authorities. Only twelve states currently require a lost or stolen firearm to be reported. Researchers estimate that more than half a million firearms are lost or stolen from private residences every year. This is unconscionable. Is it really unreasonable to require responsible gun owners to report that one of their weapons might have fallen into the wrong hands?

    3. Tell me again why we don’t have a federal ban on bump fire stocks? In the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, everyone seemed in concert with the notion of banning this circumvention of federal law. How silly: you can own one, but it is illegal to use one. Yet, in spite of the immediate aftermath apparent solidarity, the venerable NRA has just come out against new legislation restricting the sales of same.


    4. And finally, make it a requirement that firearms procured through straw purchases be registered. Maybe you are ineligible to own a firearm because you’re a felon, or have been committed to a sanitarium, but your buddy is eligible to purchase one. He buys the gun, registers it and then sells it to you. And he never breaks the law? Isn’t this yet another frustrating means for firearms to fall into the wrong hands?

    So, there you have it. That’s what I’m for. And many who are similarly aligned with me from the ranks of law enforcement, the Military, and the GOP, feel the same.

  2. Reid


    Insane that we as a society tolerate the level of gun violence that exists.

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