I Would Really Like to Know (Part 2)

They say the point
demons guard is
an ocean grave
for all the brave.
Was it you who said
How long?
How long?
How long
to the Point of Know Return?

14 Responses to “I Would Really Like to Know (Part 2)”

  1. Mitchell

    Why does the conventional wisdom in football say to play for the tie at home and the win on the road? I know this bit of CW has been mostly either debunked or disregarded, but that’s the cliche we heard growing up.

    Shouldn’t it be the other way around? A tie on the road is like a win. A tie at home feels like a loss. I don’t get it.

  2. Reid

    Was it conventional wisdom to play for a tie at home? I don’t recall that. I do recall that one should go for the win on the road, but that mean to take more chances to win the game in specific situations. For example, if you’re down by seven, but score a TD at the end of regulation, if you’re on the road, you might go for two and the win, instead of going for one and going into OT. If you were playing at home, the CW might be too go for won and play for the win in OT.

    What’s the thinking behind that? My guess is that winning in OT might be harder because playing in hostile environment is more difficult. Also, when you’re playing an away game, it’s harder to win, so if you can take a risk to win the game, it would be like stealing a victory, so you should just take a chance at it. I’m not sure if that makes sense.

  3. Mitchell

    Yeah, I think what you’re suggesting is actually the opposite case using teh same argument and it makes sense. Since you’re expected to lose on the road anyway, might as well go for the win. A loss is just what one expects; a win is a huge bonus. Since you’re not supposed to lose at home, playing for the tie avoids that. Weird how the opposite positions can be formed from the same logic.

    I don’t like the OT part of your case, though, although I can’t say that’s not where the rationale for the CW comes from. Since I honestly have no clue.

  4. Reid

    I don’t like the OT part of your case, though…

    You mean my suggested explanation? I don’t really care for it much myself.

    By the way, I think the crucial part of the equation has to do with the risk of losing the game. When you go for two points, if you fail at that point, you lose the game. If you the extra point kick, you lose, too, but the odds of that seem a lot less.

  5. Mitchell

    Right, but there’s also the situation of playing for 3 instead of 6, where the odds aren’t necessarily as advantageously in favor of one over the other.

  6. Reid

    I don’t understand what you mean.

  7. Mitchell

    If you’re down 3 with less than two minutes to play, do you play for the FG and the tie, or do you try and push into the end zone for the win? Field position is obviously a concern, but there’s this grey area where it’s reasonable both to kick a FG or to go for the TD.

  8. don

    I guess I could look it up, and maybe this should be in the baseball post, but why didn’t Scherzer start game two of this Cubs, Nationals series? Even with the rainout today, I don’t think he can pitch again in this series.

    This should also go under the baseball post, but the Nationals have a reliever named Matt Albers. A baseball announcer went with the obvious and said, “Hey, hey, hey it’s Matt Albers”. Albers is sort of chunky too, which makes it worse. Albers is 34. His parents named him Matt. Really, they didn’t put Matt Albers and Fat Albert together? Fat Albert is in our era so maybe that’s why, but that’s the first thing I thought of when I heard his name. I didn’t do the “hey, hey, hey” part, but I was drawing out his first name and going up for his last name saying it.

  9. Reid

    If you’re in the grey area, then the major issue becomes turning the ball over while attempting to go for the win. That is, do you go for the win, while risking turning the ball over or getting knocked out of FG range; or do you play conservative to ensure you can get the FG, while essentially forgoing an attempt to win the game.

    The situation here seems similar to the question of going for kicking to tie or going for the two-point conversion to win the game.

  10. Reid

    Why Apple music doesn’t allow me to search by record label?

    On a related note, the Hawaii International Film Festival site and Fandor don’t allow for searches by director. This is highly annoying and a bit surprising, especially for Fandor (which seems to cater to cinephiles, or at least non-mainstream moviegoers).

    My guess. All these sites didn’t have this feature from the start, and it’s too hard to make the changes now.

  11. Mitchell

    That is weird, and I’ll bet it has more to do with the ID3 metadata. I don’t think record label is in the standard data, and while iTunes has a (greatly) extended set of data, that one might not be part of it. When I used to subscribe to eMusic, that was one of my favorite ways to search for new music. There are labels I’m always interested in.

    I know the person who wrote the HIFF app and (I think) designed the website. He’s a movie lover so this surprises me too. Ask someone to check the mobile app. Maybe I’ll do it for you and see if it’s searchable by director. My guess is that it wouldn’t be difficult at all to make changes to add director as a search criteria. Guaranteed that’s part of the data already in the database.

  12. Reid

    I know that Apple music lists the label of albums, so they have the data. I’m not sure if that will make it easier to search.

    Also, to be clear about the HIFF (and other movie sites), I don’t mean just the ability to search by director, but creating a interface where you can see the directors of the films. This could be arranged alphabetically.

  13. Mitchell

    Okay, I’m not talking about the Apple music the way the songs are listed in the store. I’m talking about the data contained in the song file itself, the stuff that tells your computer or iPod what the song name, artist, and genre are. That info is in the file itself and I don’t think record label is one of the tags.

    The info about the movies is already in the database. I’d be willing to bet on it. All they would have to do is tweak the search engine a bit to make a sortable list of film directors. Alphabetically or whatever. I’d bet my fortune on it. Have you considered asking?

  14. Reid

    That info is in the file itself and I don’t think record label is one of the tags.


    Have you considered asking?

    I told someone from HIFF. She seemed to be writing down what I said, but who knows?

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