Examining the Uranium One Story

Don’t know anything about the Uranium One story? Here are some links:

From National Review: Did Atomic Graft Help the Kremlin Capture 20 Percent of U.S. Uranium?

From Lawfare blog: Unpacking Uranium One: Hype and Law

From Crooked: The Making of a GOP Pseudo-Scandal

From WaPo: The Facts Behind Trump’s Repeated Claim About Hillary Clinton’s Role in the Russian Uranium Deal


From WaPo: The Dossier and Uranium Deal: a Guide to the Latest Allegations

Edit (11/1/2017)

From WaPo: The Repeated Incorrect Claim That Russia Obtained 20% of Our Uranium

1 Response to “Examining the Uranium One Story”

  1. Reid

    Some Congressional Republicans are really pushing for Sessions to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate Uranium One deal during Obama administration. Here was Shep Smith, from Fox News(!) talking about the Uranium One story:

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