2017 NFL: Week 10


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  1. Reid


    Some quick thoughts. I realize Earl didn’t play, but I don’t think that can explain the number of open WRs/TEs, often in crucial situations or for big gains. If Drew Stanton wasn’t so inaccurate, the Seahawks has a decent shot of losing this. To be fair, his WRs/TEs also had a few drops. This was not a good showing by the Seahawk defense in my opinion. (Cardinals played without their starting LT as well.)

    I’m not happy with the offense, either. It’s the Russell Wilson show–the entire offense seems built upon him. In the past, I felt that the OL was the main reason for this, but the argument seems less compelling to me, especially with the addition of Brown (who, I realize, didn’t play the whole game due to injury, but still). If Shanahan or Kubiak coached this team, would the offense struggle as much to run the ball? I’m a bit skeptical about that.

    In the past two games, and a few before, defenders are jumping Wilson’s routes, something that occurred a few years ago as well. This is not a good pattern, as it strongly suggests that he’ll throw INTs at some point, including in the playoffs. (In the past, Wilson has corrected this, but we’ll see.)

    I don’t think the team has righted the ship, and I think they’re chances of winning it all are pretty low, unless they meet the right opponent or other teams sustain major injuries.

    It sucks that Sherm’s out for the season.

    Still disgusted with this team.

  2. don

    Didn’t watch all of the game, but I thought Seattle’s D dominated good parts of this game. I saw both of Arizona’s TDs, but didn’t see some parts in between. To be fair, I cannot really remember a lot of the game, but I remember thinking even if Seattle cannot score, I cannot see Arizona winning this one. But I was surprised with the amount of yards Staton passed for when I saw the box score, so maybe I missed some of Arizona’s big plays.

    The Bengals are a bad team, especially on offense. Dalton is bad, the o-line doesn’t seem great, and overall they just don’t have much. That being said the Bengals still had a good chance to win this game, because the Titans just play with no urgency and seem like a dispirited team. I cannot explain it, but their offense just stalls over and over, their running game has almost no punch despite having a good line and good running backs, and Mariota can be streaky. Mariota drove them down for the game winner, though.

    Tyron Smith’s replacement, Green was getting roasted. It seem like Dallas traded for one of Seattle’s linemen. Green played pretty well last year too. I’m not sure what the deal is. However, Dallas really didn’t stand a chance once Sean Lee went out. Atlanta’s offense was average when Lee was playing and they couldn’t really run the ball. When Lee left, Atlanta’s offense looked closer to last year’s team, especially on the ground. Dallas’ defensive backs are average at best, but when Dallas stops the run and makes the other team one dimensional, they have a shot. When teams can balance the run and pass against Dallas, their defense is toast. Atlanta scored two straight TDs once Lee went out. Dallas’ offense kept stalling because of all the sacks and pressure in general and the game was over.

    Dallas can win without Smith and Elliot, but they seem to not be the same team without Sean Lee. That’s sad since Lee cannot play all 16 games.

  3. Reid

    That being said the Bengals still had a good chance to win this game, because the Titans just play with no urgency and seem like a dispirited team.

    I wouldn’t say dispirited, but they just don’t seem to be playing well. I thought Mariota didn’t play well. This is one of the first times where he seemed nervous in the pocket. His accuracy was not good in this game. The feeling I got was that he’s regressing.

    Titans defense is horrid.

    (After this game, I didn’t watch any other football game. I really didn’t have much interest or motivation to watch any of the other games.)

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