New Mui Kwai

Mitchell, 12. November 2007, 1:37

Grace, Penny, and I went to New Mui Kwai on Liliha. Grace is something of an expert on the place, but Penny and I had never tried it. We had, of course, the honey-glazed walnut shrimp, which was quite good. Penny commented that she always appreciated it when the walnuts were sprinkled with sesame seeds, which these were. The shrimp were brought to the table with the tail removed, which I definitely appreciated, and you could see all the mayo the cook used right on the shrimp. I can’t honestly tell the difference between one restaurant’s take on this and any other’s.

We also had a garlic eggplant dish that was very tasty and satisfying. I’m not sure what could have been done to ruin a dish like this, but you don’t have to have fireworks in your mouth for something to be good. I found this to be the most pleasurable of the dishes we tried.

Finally, we had a sizzling barbecue beef platter. The beef was fine. Nothing to write home about, really, and I’d have liked more bell peppers, but neither was there anything to complain about.

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