Mix Cafe

Reid, 19. November 2007, 14:49

Mix Cafe (Berentania; between Fort St. and Bethel St.)

I’ve been checking out several of the items at this place. The place is run by a Italian transplant (nice guy). On the menu are mostly breakfast and lunch items.

I wrote about the waffles and pancakes in the pancake thread. They’re not the best, but they’re good. I especially like the fruit compote-like toppings. Recently, I tried several of his sandwiches:

Roast pork: Most of the sandwiches come on baguettes. Bruno pairs the meat with a specific cheese; this one comes with stilton. The dish is accompanied by mixed greens and small side of roasted vegetables and tortilla chips. I thought the sandwich was decent. I liked the cheese, but I thought it overpowered the meat. (It would be nice if he gave a little more.)

Mozarella, mushroom and tomoto: The cheese is of the buffalo variety. This was similar to a caprese type sandwich.

Mix also serves several pasta dishes. I wanted to try his italian sausage dish since the owner told me that he makes his own sausage, but they ran out by the time I got there. Instead, I tried the meatball pasta, which came in a tomato sauce. The meatballs were OK. The pasta was the bow-tie variety, and it was just OK, too.

The review doesn’t sound that great, and I wouldn’t say that I’ve been blown away, but I have a heart for this place. I guess, I like the owner; the quaint space and the menu he’s striving for.

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