The Fat Greek

Reid, 5. February 2008, 11:36

The Fat Greek (at the corner of Wai’alae Ave and St. Louis Drive)

I had the chicken souvlaki ($10), and Larri had the gyros. We also ordered the hummus and (accidently) feta cheese (Larri wanted it on her salad)–which came with pita and two huge pieces of cheese. The hummus was just OK. The pita was toasted which was a good thing.

I gotta say the souvlaki was very disappointing. At that prices I was thinking I was going to get a plate of food, similar to Greek Corner. Instead, I got a pita sandwich–which to me tasted very similar to Jack n’ Box’s fajita pita; the chicken tasted like it was fried on a grill instead of roasted. The tazijiki (sp?) sauce was bland. They did serve it with a zesty tomato sauce. That was pretty good. The dish came with a salad, which was OK. We also had a the baklava, which was OK (not as good as Greek Corner).

The thing that bothered me was that at $12, I could get the chicken souvlaki plate at Greek Corner, with a bit more food (rice) and better quality.

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