Reid, 8. May 2008, 19:02


Larri and I finally visited this place. I heard their chanko nabe was really good, so we tried that. The verdict? It was awesome! I’ve only had two other nabes (that I can recall): one from Ichiriki (the pirikara) and one from Sushi-Ten. The one at Imanas was definitely the best. You get your mixed assortment of meats and vegetables–shiitake, makina, shrimp, scallops, clams, chicken, pork, etc. The broth was very good, although I don’t really know if it’s really distinctive. (At first the nabe didn’t seem very big, but they keep replenshing the broth if you run low; they did it twice for us.)

But the best part of the meal was at the end. You get to have udon or rice with egg. The waiter said a lot of people like the rice–so much so that people say that’s the part they wait for. Of course, we had to try it. When all the meat and vegetables are eaten, the waiter brought over some whisked eggs and rice; she dumped into the soup. After cooking for a couple of minutes the steaming porridge was ready. We added some sliced nori which came on the side, and Larri added copious amounts of the chili pepper flakes. It was delic! And there was a lot–so much so we couldn’t eat it all.

The meal was $22 per person and you need a minimum of 2 people. Call in at 3:30 for reservations

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  1. Reid

    Kevin, Larri and I took Chris and his wife here recently.

    Of course we ordered the chanko nabe, which is pictured above. The waiter brings a tray of all the ingredients and places them in the cooking pot. In this picture the pot looks huge, but when you get it, it seems small for five people anyway (and this order was for two people). The pot is kinda small and it doesn’t look like it holds a lot of soup. But the waiters keep replenishing the soup (seems unlimited; they filled ours about three times).

    Here’s the top view. The food slowly sinks into the bowl as it cooks and that’s how you know it’s ready to eat. It’s a fun way to eat.

    We also ordered this dish, the fried gobo and seafood. The gobo is thinly cut and tastes more like thin french fries than gobo. Larri doesn’t care for gobo, and she liked this. It’s not really oily, and it comes with some shrimp. Recommended.

    We also ordered the seafood dynamite, which is the mayo seafood casserole dish. It’s pretty gross if you ask me, unless you’re a mayo freak. I can eat a bite or two, and then I get grossed out. (Larri got a little queasy, eating too much of it.)

    Here’s the porridge of eggs and rice that they cook after you eat everything inside. We left some of the sausage, which the waitress was surprised that we wanted to do. (Hopefully, she wasn’t appalled and offended.) You can also get this with udon, but I think the eggs and rice is the way to go.

    This is a fun place to take visitors or friends. The place is small, but the atmosphere is cozy (smartly lit interior with wood decor).

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