Cafe Taj Mahal

Reid, 9. June 2008, 19:45

Cafe Taj Mahal
(Across from City Mill on Waialae Ave–the tiny strip mall with terrible parking.)

This is a new Indian restaurant next to the new Greek restaurant at the bottom of Waialae Ave. It was pretty good, very similar in price and quality to Cafe Maharani. I don’t think I can remember everything we had, but we tried to the vegetable biryani (good) and the chicken tikka masala (OK). There was an appetizer that was like tasted like a chicken version of fishcake (spongy consistency). The parking was bad, but the food was pretty good.

Larri and I actually went back to Maharani for a comparison. What we had there recently was better than the food at Taj Mahal. At Maharani we had the chicken biryani (disappointing–not very flavoful), chicken vindaloo (good), shrimp DoPiaza (really good–it’s tomato based with onions; it’s almost like Italian and Indian fusion) and the mixed vegetable masala (good).

Cafe TajMahal aka Maharani, Jr. was good. I liked it, but if it were a sitcom sibling, it would be Jan Brady to Maharani’s Marcia Brady. Similar, but Maharani is the one you’ll remember after the evening is over. One great thing about TajMahal is that their service is speedy compared to Maharani (where the wait to be seated, the wait to get your order taken and the wait to get your food after you’ve ordered is an ordeal).

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