Reid, 9. June 2008, 19:45

This is that new-ish bistro near Ward Centre, right next to PF Chang’s. I was disappointed in this. The menu wasn’t very exciting, and the execution didn’t change my mind. We started with the crabcakes with portabello mushrooms. Just OK. We also tried to salmon dish (havlax?)-which was cured salmon with mustard and some potato salad. The salmon was way too salty for me. I didn’t finish it.

For the entres we had the risotto with shrimp and asapargus. Good, but not great. Larri had the braised short ribs. The cuts of meat and the texture was a lot like Ige’s shoyu pork. It was OK, but not great. Penny had the duck which was alright. I didn’t care for the sauce.

For dessert, we tried the creme brulee, kona coffee cake and I can’t remember the other dish. It wasn’t that great. I don’t have any desire to give this place another shot.

On a side note: we recently went to 12th Ave Grill for dessert. They served a ginger souffle with chocolate layer in the middle. The ginger was subtle and there was subtle carmelized flavor on the outside. One of the better desserts we’ve had there since Lisa Siu stopped doing their desserts.

In defense of Tango, it is a great cafe. They’re open for lunch and breakfast on the weekends. I think their food is thoughtful, well-portioned and seasoned well. I agree with Reid re: the gravlax thing. That was horrible (although I am not a fish eater). The rhubarb crumble is good (it’s not in season now, so they have some other fruit). I’ve been there 4 times and really enjoy the food there.

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