Hula Boba

Reid, 16. June 2008, 21:12

I want to give some props to Don and Tracy for recommending Hula Boba, a shave-ice and bubble tea place. (There are two locations that I know of, one in the Waipahu Town Market, where the old Bigway used to be and the other on Pauahi Street.) They have a shave ice where the ice is basically powered vanilla ice cream, packed into a ball. The toppings are various fruit preserves/jellies, but a little more runny than your typical jam or jelly. I got the strawberry and azuki combo. Larri got a mango and melon combo. It was a little sweet, but not sweeter than your normal shave ice, but it was good. Oh, the ice is probably covered with sweet cream, not vanilla ice cream. If you like Ice Garden, you should give this a shot. I think I like this place better.

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