Reid, 16. June 2008, 21:12

Larri and I also tried Stage for lunch, since Penny raved about their burger, saying it was one of the best she had. The burger came with guacamole, aioli and bacon. I agree those flavors were great and the burger was OK (Larri ordered it medium-well, and I found it dry)–definitely better than Pineapple Room’s. The bun was kinda mediocre. I don’t think it was the best, but it was good.

I had the lunch prix fixe for $23. I got the tomato soup, which had just the right flavor–not too acidic, not to sweet and not too creamy. I followed that with the lamb ragu, which was pretty disappointing. The fettucine was flavorless and had the consistency of old rubber bands. (I like al dente, but these tasted stale.) The lamb was a bit gamey and the sauce was just OK; it had shiitake, which I didn’t think was a good match. Finally, I got the brownie dessert, which came with ice cream. It was OK, but nothing to write home about. Larri had the apple pie sundae, which was basically apple pie with ice cream. It was good, but nothing spectacular.

That’s basically my impression of Stage: OK food, maybe even good, but nothing to get excited about and definitely not worth paying a lot of money for. (Even the dinner menu seems boring.)

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