Sugar Rush

Reid, 30. June 2008, 20:59

Larri saw this bakery featured on KHON’s Morning News with Manolo Morales. This is a bakery that makes petite cupcakes. Now, normally, I don’t like the word petite to describe food, but in this case, I liked that aspect of the desserts. Think of the way the bit-sized shapes of Famous Amos makes the cookie enjoyable and you get the same idea.

The problem is what you have to pay for them–between $2.50-$2.75 for one! The taste is not worth it imo, although they’re not bad. Here’s some of the ones we sampled:

oreo cheesecake
pineapple cheesecake
Haole brownie
red velvet cupcake
chocolate red velvet cake (This was like a small slice of cake.)
chocolate macadamia (w/caramel)

I liked the oreo cheesecake the best, but both cheesecakes weren’t very cheesy or dense. The red velvet cupcake was the only dessert that didn’t work in the small size, I think. I just wanted more of it, I guess. (I think I would have felt the same with less dense cake-like desserts.)

I guess, it’s worth trying once, but it’s not a place I frequent.

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