Poke Stop

Reid, 30. June 2008, 20:59

Poke Stop (next to Sizzler’s in Waipahu)

Earlier I gave a luke-warm to negative review of this place, but I’ve been trying different things, and it’s become a favorite–primarily because they serve brown rice and fish dishes. They actually have some good combinations. What got me into this place was the Sushi De-Construction Bowl (for about $10). You get seared ahi cajun style, creamy spicy poke (mayo sauce is good), tako and one shrimp. The sauce from the poke goes well with everything, especially the shrimp, I thought.

They usually have a special featuring a trio of items: crab cake, soft shell crab and a fish. Larri really likes this one. They have a few meat items like kal-bi and smoked meat. (They also have a rib-eye down in a prime rib, salt crusted style, which I haven’t tried.)

I also liked their TNT fries, which is crinkle cut fries with cajun spices in a mustard mayo sauce. It was kinda pricey (between $4-$5), but I enjoyed it.

They have a lot of specials involving fish, and when you go there they encourage you to sample the various pokes they have. The cooking style has a slightly upscale approach, like Kakaako Kitchen. If you like Nico’s, you should give this place a shot. I actually prefer this to Nico’s.

Note: There is only outdoor seating here (tables under umbrellas).

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  1. Reid

    Here are couple of the dishes I like to get


    This is the shoreline beno (around $12) and you get a the fish of the day (usually blackened), furikake salmon belly, shrimp and a little cup of poke (limited choice). I ordered this with toss salad, no rice, since they ran out of brown rice, which happens if you get their near closing (7 PM).


    This is Sushi Deconstruction Bowl, which has a lot of raw fish over sushi rice (I usually order brown rice underneath if its available). The seafood is comprised of seared blackened ahi, creamy ahi poke (spicy and delicious, but heavy because of the mayo), tako poke, the bbq shrimp and some tobiko. This is around $9 if I recall, and I like getting this for lunch.

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