Jasmine’s Local Deli

pen, 3. July 2008, 9:27

If any of you are downtown, there is a new Okazuya a few doors makai of Nuuanu Okazuya on Nuuanu Street (half a block makai of Vineyard Blvd.) It’s called Jasmine Local Deli.

My advice…go to Nuuanu Okazuya. The prices are slightly cheaper, there is more variety and the food is a bit better.

I was going to Nuuanu Okazuya to pick up my lunch when I saw Jasmine and thought I’d try something new. I tried the furikake chicken (which is huge), the kabocha (soft, but not as much flavor as Nuuanu’s), hamburger patty with katsu sauce on it (pretty ono), and a musubi. No fried rice musubi and the variety of hot dishes Nuuanu offers. Jasmine does have different kind of sausages and egg dishes.

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