Blazin’ Steaks

Mitchell, 5. July 2008, 21:54

Blazin’ Steaks opened up in Kalihi near the end of last year in a spot that had previously housed several bad Filipino restaurants. I was at a picnic in December and someone brought steaks from that place, and I was hooked. I was surprised by what I saw when I got in there: They really cleaned that place up. It hadn’t been gross before, but you could see that a lot of effort (not to mention expense) was spent to make it look a lot better. It’s decorated in kind of a biker-bar style, ‘though the decor is really sparse. The entire room is dominated by diamond-plate and a huge, loud television.

But whatever. You’re there for the steak. Six bucks buys you half a pound of sliced, grilled steak, a side salad (iceberg lettuce, mostly), and a drink. For the same price, there are fish and chicken dishes, too, and you can choose the sauce they are prepared with. I haven’t tried any of those.

What I have tried is the full-pound steak plate for ten bucks. I planned to have the leftovers for breakfast the next morning but there weren’t any. :sheepish:

Good steak, simply prepared. They just opened a restaurant in Kapolei, too, so Reid should have an easier time checking it out.

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