Mililani Golf Clubhouse

Reid, 14. July 2008, 19:33

Mililani Golf Clubhouse

My sister’s boyfriend told me about this place, and I’ve been meaning to go. We finally went a few weeks ago to try Alonzo’s Hawaiian steak. It’s basically a teri-steak. It’s very soft, a bit too soft; My description of the texture was rubber that’s not chewy. They also a fried pork loin–fried pata–which is like lechon kawali (crispy roast pork with tomato and onions) that I want to try.

I had a tennis match at Leileihua HS this past Saturday (I lost) and afterwards my team went to Mililani Golf Clubhouse for lunch. The place was packed and I never even knew it exsisted. One of my friends had the adobo fried rice omelette, which was huge and yummy. I had the mushroom burger which came with crispy fries and was nice a juicy. Service was a little sketchy, but overall, big, tasty portions. The menu had Filipino food (adobo, pancit, pig blood), local food (garlic chicken, teri steak, loco moco) as well as American food (burgers, philly cheese sandwich, etc.) If I can ever find that place again, I would definitely go back.

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