Bluewater Shrimp Truck

Mitchell, 16. July 2008, 19:26

Checked out the Bluewater Shrimp Truck that’s taken up residence at Waiakamilo and Houghtailing. $6.95 bought me a steak plate with caramelized onions, rice (with furikake), and potato salad (or tossed salad). There are combo options and other items on the menu (today there were pork chops, furikake ahi, crab, and a few other things), but for my first visit I just wanted a steak.

The meat is tender (top sirloin, according to Nadine Kam at the S-B) and well-seasoned. I thought the onions were more of a distraction than an enhancement, but they were good, too. The potato salad was terrific, with bits of crab and slices of olives. The plate was very filling, but I have had very, very little appetite lately (I’m down to one meal per day since this past Saturday).

If the budget allows, I’ll check this place out again soon. Gotta try the other stuff.

Here’s a photo of the steak plate I had at Bluewater Shrimp. Notice the furikake on the two scoops of rice. 🙂

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