Off the Wall

pen, 18. July 2008, 11:10

I went to “Off the Wall” in the Pearl Kai Shopping Center with some friends and really enjoyed it. The portions are on the smaller side, so hearty eaters may want to order appetizers or izakaya-style, since their entrees come in meals (with brown or white rice and salad) or pupu-style (no starch or salad). They have a full bar w/ various sake, etc. in the back and the food was quality.

I had the arare karaake chicken, which was lightly breaded with cornstarch and deep-fried. Light, flavorful and juicy, they were yummy. The other dishes were the salmon which was brushed with sake and had a soy vinagrette/lemon sauce and a bacon-wrapped shrimp dish on skewers with a shoyu/teri sauce. Yum. We also tried the crab and artichoke won tons which tasted more of cream cheese than the (imitation) crab and artichoke.

They specialize in Okinawan food: Champuru (stir fry) with bittermelon or tofu/vegetables, okinawan shoyu pork (2 days to make it) and Fukuoka-style tonkatsu (choy sum wrapped in abacon adn rolled in pork breaded and fried). They also have Kobe hamburger steak, grilled steak, soy miso chicken, spicy korean pork, etc.

I will be going back to try more dishes. They’re open for lunch (take out) and dinner service. They’re closed on Sundays and Tuesdays.

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