Reid, 22. July 2008, 21:21

We did finally get to try Yogurtland.

This is the store that has replaced the old Volcano Joe’s across from Sinclair Library at UH. Penny had told us that everything is self-serve, from sampling the yogurt to putting the yogurt and toppings on. You just pay $.39 per oz.

Off the top of my head here are some of the available flavors: kahlua (non-alcoholic), plain tart, blueberry tart, pineapple tart (tart refers to the flavor and not a crust), peanut-butter (one of my favorites), taro (Larri and Penny’s favorite), pistachio, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and probably some other flavors I’m forgot. There are bunch of toppings, but the noteworthy one according to Penny (and Larri agrees) is the cream-cheese one, which is like cheesecake bits.

Personally, I don’t think the yogurt is exceptional some flavors are sugar and/or fat-free), but the self-serve approach is fun. We’ve gone twice, and each time it’s been pretty crowded and you can feel the buzz of excitement. It’s a cool place for young people to hang out and socialize.

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