Kahai Street Kitchen

Reid, 23. July 2008, 20:19

(on Kalihi Street a few blocks below Nimitz)

I’ve been wanting to check this place out every since Wanda Adams of the Honolulu Advertiser raved about this place, but they’re only open on the weekend, so I never had a chance. When I told Don about various places I wanted to visit on a day off, he said I could leave this place out, as the food is well-prepared, but not really exceptional. I know what he means, and I sort of agree. However, that’s not counting some of their specials, which may be really good.

Larri and I tried two plates: the crispy garlic pork and the beef stroganoff. I was considering getting the shrimp and scallops in a chocolate truffle sauce. Yes, chocolate truffle sauce. When I asked them about it, they gave me ambiguous responses: well, it’s from the truffles used in chocolate, not really chocolate; no, it’s the chocolate truffle…but they were kind enough to let me sample the sauce. There was definitely a chocolate taste, but mild enough were I might have known it was chocolate had they not mentioned it. I passed on that and went for the stroganoff. I’m not a big fan, but Larri is. Plus, the girl at the counter said people liked that.

It was a winner, nothing unique or anything, but just really good. I got it with their potato-mac salad, which was good.


I thought the crispy garlic pork was a little dry, but Larri liked it. It was tossed in flour and then fried. Each of the plates were about $7, plus you get a can of soda (M/W/F only and not for the opakapaka, which goes for $8, which is a steal).

Crispy garlic pork w/namul instead of toss or mac salad!

I wish I could go back and try other specials like oxtail curry, osso buco or their Hawaiian plate–which comes with lau-lau, kalua pig, an ahi patty and a hibachi chicken: for just $8! (The guy said that you have to order that by 8:30 AM because they run out by the time they open.)

Mitchell, since you live relatively close and if you’re still on break, I’d give this place a try. They have a website where you can see their specials.

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