Reid, 26. July 2008, 10:37

(beachwalk in Waikiki)

People warned me that this place is loud, and they were right. (There’s music constantly blaring in the background). If you like a noisy bar atmosphere in a nice setting, then this is the place for you. Don told me the food was pretty well-prepared, so my expectations were kind of high. I guess that’s partly the reason I was disappointed in what we had. We basically got appetizers:

Sliders with bearnaise sauce and fries (you get four): These were pretty mediocre. The bread was pillowy and bland. The meat was average, and I didn’t care for the sauce.

lettuce wraps (we ordered with portabello and shiitake): This came with three dipping sauces, a sweet chili sauce, a spicy sauce and I think a spicy peanut. Again, just OK. I prefer the wraps at California Wok or CPK.

Crabcake Hoagie: The bread was a bit much and seasoning and breading were as prominent as the taste of the crab. OK.

Mac and Cheese: This came with chicken breast, bacon and mushrooms in a truffle oil sauce. It was good, but heavy, as you would expect. Definitely a fat bomb.

For dessert we ordered two: the lemon souffle cake with a rasberry. I know souffles are light, but I thought this was too light and the flavor too mild.

The other dessert was a peach-apple cobbler. If you were lucky to try and like Lisa Siu’s fruit tart at 12th Ave. Grill than you would like this. It’s almost the same. Winner.

Maybe the entres like the fish, pasta and steaks would be really great, but, all in all, I don’t feel a strong desire to go back.

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