Nu’uanu Okazuya

Jill, 6. August 2008, 21:15

Sorry to interupt the Haute Dog thread for a bit, but I just have to comment on Nuuanu Okazuya’s tempura roll/ tonkatsu roll. I don’t know what it’s officially called, but one of the volunteers brought it into my workplace– and I hate to exaggerate, but it was so unexpectedly delicious! Has anyone ever had this? Am I sounding like a tourist that is pointing out the obvious to the locals? Have people known about this and not shared the joy? I just never went to that hole in the wall and was so impressed. (maybe cause I live out in PC?) The tempura roll has this mustard/mayo sauce that goes SOO well with the tempura. The funny thing is that it’s presentation looks so amateurish. They look almost exactly how my sushi rolls look when I try to make it at home (i.e. rice all unevenly packed and falling out on both ends with the middle part all lop-sided). Anyhoo, the taste totally makes up for the way it looks. LOVE IT!! Okay, that’s all :)– please carry on with your conversation. Thanks

Is that the first time you ate a tempura roll? I ask because if you’ve eaten them at different places, but think this one is the best, that’s saying something; whereas, if this the first one you’ve tried, we can pretty much dismiss what you’re saying.

i used to like gulick deli’s shrimp tempura roll (it’s prob. been more than 10years since i last had it though). marukai has a pretty good shrimp tempura sushi – it’s an inside-out maki and has the chili-mayo they use for spicy tuna and a sweet tsuyu-like drizzle. haven’t tried nu’uanu’s… at dhm, one of the okazuya guys used to make a killer katsu maki with curried sushi rice. mmmm.

Nuuanu Okazuya is one of my favorite places to pick up lunch. I know what Jill is talking about. Looks like a handroll I could make, too, but there is something about the sauce…they have two kinds, a wasabi-mayo and a sweet chili. Yum!

Renee makes the gulick deli one sound good, and I haven’t tried that one. I’ve been to the one on King Street, near McCully St. a couple of times and have been unimpressed with the food and impressed with the price…so expensive! But I will go and try the shrimp tempura handroll. I’m getting hungry.

Yes, Fried does = yummy! I always tell people I can eat anything that’s dipped in batter and deep-fried.

So, Penny, you know what I’m talking about?!! You’ve just added some credibility to my post! thanks! I don’t know if it was wasabi, but i’m pretty sure the one I had was a mustard sauce. ?? It was yellow and good :)– I think the fact that it was ugly made it taste yummier because I started out eating it to be nice to the person who brought it– then I was pleasantly surprised.

Still, Reid, you need to try this. And YES, I have had other tempura rolls…my other absolute fav: Shirokiya. I think they have the best shrimp tempura. I’m not a tempura freak, but I really like that one.

Anyway, if Mitchell, Reid or any others try this, please give me your feedback! (Now, that I’ve heartily built it up….).

jill, there’s a non-tempura fried shrimp at shirokiya that’s good too — made with 21-25 shrimp and there’s a light, slightly spicy batter (think seasoned, curly fries). speaking of shirokiya, their current fair is an osaka kushi-age one (everything on skewers & deep-fried). they’re also having their island fair from the 19th thru the end of the month so you can stock up on outer island goodies. =)

Jill (and anyone else who may be interested), I went to Nuuanu Okazuya this morning and got my shrimp tempura musubi fix. Chili mayo in the middle. Crunchy batter. Yum. It was $2.00, but it was a delicious $2.00! I should have bought 2. *sigh*

Jill, I went to Nuuanu Okazuya today for a shrimp tempura musubi and it was junk! It was one of those previously frozen shrimp tempuras that manage to be both spongy and dry at the same time. Yuck. So disappointing!

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