Harbor Court Bistro

pen, 22. August 2008, 8:47

Recently checked out Harbor Court Bistro where Palomino and Cassis used to be and was quite underwhelmed. I went for Happy Hour which includes some drink specials and a handful of appetizers that are about $3 less than regular price.

Tried the dragon shrimp, which was a lightly battered big shrimp, but what made this dish was the green onion aioli that had a nice spicy kick to it. The shaved steak came on a sizzling cast iron platter with onions underneath. Tasted good, but the steak was sliced so thin and the platter was so hot that the meat cooked crisp in some areas and tough in others. My friend and I split an entree: mushroom risotto. It was cold, chewy (not in a good way) and the only thing good about the rice was the truffle oil drizzled over it. Everytime I hit a part with truffle oil, my mouth perked up. The mushrooms were good, but were more like a side dish, because they were nicely sauteed and placed around the rice (not mixed in it). For dessert we split a dish of chocolate habenero ice cream. Cool, creamy and sweet at first bite, then the heat spreads and there is a mildly sharp afterbite (and although that sounds like a contradiction, it isn’t). The menu said the ice cream was homemade and it tasted that way.

I am willing to go back once more, because there were some interesting entrees: green tea marinated chicken, a couple of straightforward steak dishes and a lamb dish, too.

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