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renee, 19. August 2008, 12:35

my sister found a deal for cream pot — the best crepes & b*fast food ever on this site (limited time – half off deals… & you can charge it! ). it’s here:

my review on the place is here: & my pix here:
sorry they’re all links… on my way out the door after getting my gift certificates. =)

I went to Cream Pot (armed with a gift certificate, thanks to Renee and her sister!) Note of caution, they do not take credit cards. It’s cash only. And you can only use one $25 gift certificate per visit.

Ok, that being said, that place is close enough for me to walk to from home and a good thing, too, because I needed to walk home after that meal! I had baked eggs with bacon. It came in a bowl of diced potatoes, onions and bacon, with two eggs (I’m guessing baked in a bain marie, but I’m not sure). The egg yolk was loose in the middle, but firm around the edges. Yum. I mushed and mixed it all together and ate it on top of buttery brioche slices. *sigh* It came with an apple, banana or strawberry crepe. I got apple, which was the perfect balance of tart, spice and sweet. The crepe was so light and delicate! Mine never come out that good. I would have used my finger to lick up all the cinnamon-butter sauce, but didn’t want to embarrass my parents (took my mom here for a b-day brunch). ($17)

My dad had the beef burgundy stew omelette. The omelette was filled with rice and the stew poured over it. It came with a baby mixed green salad. He got the strawberry crepe, which had chocolate inside it and thinly sliced strawberries around it with a strawberry syrup. It was good, but my apple one was better (more butter, methinks). ($18).

Mom had a savory crepe filled with chicken in a white cream sauce. Her crepe was a little thicker than the sweet ones and the flavor was light and delicate, but still rich.

I had a cold dark chocolate drink, which was good, but not something I would order again. ($4.50). Regular coffee (2.50) is refillable, but the Kona coffee ($4.50), which is a per cup serving.

Overall, slightly on the expensive side, but worth it due to the quality and care given to the dishes. A nice way to treat yourself. I’ll be going back, and not just because I have my second $25 gift certificate to use!

hi Penny! =) I am SO sorry i forgot to mention about cream pot being cash only (esp. since it’s fairly expensive, you would *think* they’d take credit cards — i usually carry only plastic too >.< ) ‘though that’s one of the reasons i was excited about being able to charge the g.c.’s… hope your family enjoyed it! while i love potatoes and bacon, i thought the baked eggs with the shrimp had better flavor & texture… their bread is yummy - they use it in their french toast too. my sister & i are planning on going next week. jamie’s taking us the following week for our b*days too. i heard they had a chocolate & cherry crepe special the other day - hope it’s on the menu board when we go… pen
Renee: No problem. Someone on Yelp! said Cream Pot accepted credit cards. In my review I dispell that myth. The shrimp baked eggs looked good, but I was afraid there would only be one or two baby shrimps in it. How was your most recent visit there? Did they still have the chocolate cherry crepe when you went?

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  1. Reid


    Larri, Zane and I went to check out this place a few weeks ago. I can’t remember the street it was on, but it’s on the corner of the Ala Wai about a block away from McCully.

    To get to the restaurant, you have to go up a stairway of the hotel the restaurant is in. The shot above is the entrance.

    Here’s an interior shot. I liked the rustic, European feel the owners were going for. That table to the right is a communal table that extends a lot more. Notice the kitchen implements on the wall.

    Cream Pot offers three different set menus ($17). I got one of them and chose the baked shrimp and eggs, which you see above. There was a good amount of plump medium sized shrimp. The “gravy” of egg, spinach and shrimp “juice” at the bottom was really good, especially with the toast.

    This is the sliver of crepe that comes with the set meals. There are several styles you can choose from. I chose the apple tatin, which was good, but it was pretty small.

    This the potato, bacon omelette that Larri got. It was fine.

    Cream Pot also serves special crepes. Larri got the banana cinnamon custard crepe. (There was also one with figs and blue cheese that looked good.) This was pretty good, but a little too dainty for me. Also, I guess crepes are generally served cold because almost every time I’ve eaten them, they have been not very warm (except at those crepe stands). Personally, I think I would enjoy them more if they were hot.

    The menu offered pure cacao hot chocolate ($4), which is above. It was good (but not $4 good). Cafe Laufer’s hot chocolate is also excellent.

    Here’s a picture of the check. I thought it was a cute, interesting (totally Japanese) touch.

  2. pen

    I tried that fig and bleu cheese crepe and must say I was a bit disappointed. While I really like this place, this crepe was a bit of a “miss” for me. I think the main reasons were the price (over $15) and that the figs used were not fresh figs but dried ones that I buy in those SunMaid pouches and munch on when I need an afternoon pick-me-up. Dried figs are good, but fresh figs are divine. The flavors were interesting and worked for me, but for what you got, I didn’t feel it was worth it.

    My mom had the shrimp baked eggs and really enjoyed it. I had a taste and as Renee had said, it is better than the bacon one…although if you had shrimp and bacon together…well, that would just be awesome. Anyway, my sister had an omelette, which was good, but nothing you couldn’t get at any decent breakfast place.

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