Pollock (2000)

Reid, 6. January 2007, 9:44

Pollock (2000)
Dir. Ed Harris
Starring: Ed Harris, Marcia Gay Harden, etc.

Mitchell recommended this film to me, and I really enjoyed the first three-fourths of the film. I’m really into the artistic process of developing an original voice–the struggle, the innovation and the refinement. Harris shows us that through the life of abstract painter, Jackson Pollock. What really impressed me was the decision and execution of the painting scenes. Harris actually paints–in one scene he stares at a large blank canvas, and we see the beginning strokes and later more work on the painting. The filmmakers really did a good job with that. I also liked the quotes they used in the film, particularly the one about modern art drawing from the internal instead of the traditional way of drawing from the external (nature). I also liked Pollock’s response to the questio, “How do you when you’re finished with a painting?” His reply: “How do you know when you’re finished making love.”

However, I gave the film a six because it peters out in the last third of the film The excitement is just not there, and, if it were a fictional story, the filmmakers probably would have done something more dramatic. But this is a biography, and what we see is apparently what happened. Still, I wish they could have done something more with the ending.

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