we don’t live here anymore (2004)

Reid, 6. January 2007, 9:44

we don’t live here anymore (2004)
Dir. John Curran
Starring: Mark Ruffalo, Peter Krause, Laura Dern and Naomi Watts

Look at the cast and you can see why I was interested in this film. This was one of those independent films that didn’t really last that long in the theaters, if it came to Hawai’i at all. The trailer–specifically some of the dialogue–made me want to see it.

The films is about two married couples and the way they struggle with their relationships. Other films like this: Ice Storm, Closer and Carnal Knowledge.

I think the main problem with the film is the script. The dialogue is pretty good, but the story doesn’t have a strong center. Or the story may be more situational–characters struggling with their marriages. I felt like the characters couldn’t have been developed a little more; I felt like they were without a context that maybe some kind of backstory could have given them. I’m not sure what is.

I did like Mark Ruffalo’s performance and his part in the script. The filmmakers executed the psychological game-playing of his character with subtlety and believeability. Dern is a big reason for that, too. Her realization of what her husband is doing to without being obvious about it was cool to see. Her performance and the character creates had potential to be an Academy Award winning one, but falls short. Again, I the lack of a strong story and character development may be the cause for that.

One thing about the characters. I found the male characters to be despicable and hard to relate to. Dern was the most sympathetic character for me.

This is one of those films you see at the video store that intrigues you. It’s not a bad a film, but I can understand why it didn’t get a lot of attention.

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