Hunted (2003)

Reid, 9. January 2007, 9:49

Hunted (2003)
Dir. William Friedkin
Starring: Benicio Del Toro, Tommy Lee Jones


Friedkin has directed some good action/thrillers–The French Connection, To Live in Die in LA and The Sorcerer. The first two have arguably the best car chase scenes ever. I like the plot–basically similar to First Blood–a specially trained killer goes wild and his trainer must hunt him down.

Since this film didn’t last long in the theater, I’m guessing something didn’t work. My first guess is that Benicio, as a lead action character just didn’t work. We’ve seen Tommy Lee Jones as a tough guy in pursuit (i.e. The Fugitive), so I don’t think that would be the problem. Maybe there’s also some stupid situations in the story. I’ll report back after I watch the film.


There’s a certain look, sound and I guess even acting that distingushes TV and film. This film had the look and feel of a USA cable movie. The poor acting–even by Benicio Del Toro and Tommy Lee Jones (who I starting to feel is not a very good actor)–and writing kinda surprised me. Del Toro could have been good for the role, but script is not very good. He doesn’t really turn in a good performance either, but I blame that more on the script and director if anything, since I’ve seen Del Toro in other stuff where he was much better.

The most interesting about the film was the extras, which revealed the man that Jones’ character was based on Tom Brown. Brown learned to become a tracker by a Native American man, and he has taught U.S. military soliders how to track, survive and kill with knives. He’s even developed his own knives, one of which can be made from flint. Brown appears briefly and talks about tracking. At one point he talks about the way you blend into a crowd when someone is pursuing you. He says that pursuers look for your height, so if you bend down four inches, you’ll easily disappear. I wanted to see a documentary on him.

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