Kagemusha (1980)

Reid, 11. January 2007, 21:44

Kagemusha (1980)
Dir. Akira Kurosawa
179 minutes

This is not one of the Kurosawa films I’d recommend strongly. I don’t think many of you idiots would really love this, although I could be wrong.

I’ve seen enough Kurosawa films to be excited about any film I haven’t seen. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really get into this film. One of the big reasons is that the film is a partly historical (chronicling the wars between the Oda, Tokugawa and Takeda clans). Perhaps the other reason is that the film works as a kind of fable on power. I felt like the film was a little too slow and deliberate. There’s a sense that Kurosawa is borrowing from traditional Japanese forms like Noh and Kabuki.

One of my favorite scenes is when Nobunaga does a little dance/song about the shortness of our lives.

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