The Last Wave (1977)

Reid, 11. January 2007, 21:44

The Last Wave (1977)
Dir. Peter Weir
Starring: Richard Chamberlain, etc.
106 minutes

More interesting for its concept and ideas than for being entertaining, although I wouldn’t call it an art film. The film has a relatively straight-forward and accessible narrative. If you’re a fan of Weir, then I think this would be a must. I can’t recommend for or against this film when thinking of others here, although for some reason I think Tony would like this (not sure why I think that).

Kind of good companion to Weir’s other film, Picnic at Hanging Rock (which I think is better). The film is about a lawyer (Richard Chamberlain) who must defend Australian Aborigines in a murder trial. Along the way, Chamberlain has these weird dreams that are related to the Aborigines.

I’m not a big fan of Richard Chamberlain, but he’s not really a problem. The bigger problem for me was the pace of the film. Also, the ending of the film didn’t impact me as much as I think it should have.

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