We Are Marshall (2006)

Mitchell, 16. January 2007, 1:12

We are Marshall
(Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox)

Marshall University’s Thundering Herd was an incredible success story in the late nineties and in the early part of this decade; such NFL standouts as Chad Pennington, Randy Moss, and Byron Leftwich are former Marshall players.

But in 1970 a charter plane carrying the football team home from a road game crashed just before landing. The movie is about that first year when the school’s administration decided to keep the program alive.

It’s about what you’d expect, with some slight overacting on McConaghey’s part, and what I think is a nice performance by Matthew Fox. There’s not much to say except that if you have a predisposition to liking sports movies, you’ll like a lot of this.

There is one scene that moved me a great deal, involving a really classy thing that Bobby Bowden, then the coach at West Virginia, does for the new Marshall coaches. I’ve done some Internet searching to see if this really happened, and all accounts seem to point to yes. Very, very cool.

If you’re prone to enjoying tear-jerkers, I think you’ll like this one, too. Honestly, though, I wish there was a little more football. Finally (finally!) I understand what Reid’s always griping about when he talks about movies with fighting. Since I enjoy football, I really wanted to see the football plays unfold the way you might see them when you watch them on TV, but what you got was basically a lot of close-ups, the noise of contact, and jump-cuts to blurry action. It was exciting enough, but it wasn’t FOOTBALL. Of course, it doesn’t want to be a football movie, so I sorta get that.

Let’s call it 6 of 10.

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