Love and Diane (Review)

Love and Diane** (7 out of 10)

**One of the nominees for the Village Idiot Movie Awards

I liked this film, and I feel comfortable recommending this film (although I would not give it a strong or the highest endorsement).

OK, for those of you who don’t care about knowing some things about the film, the following is for you.

Initially, I felt this film was going to be a depressing film. It’s about a mother, addicted to crack, who lost her children and then tried to get them back. The film focuses on one of her children, Love. Love is eighteen (I think), and she has just had a child. The film follows Love and chronicles the struggle she must go through in raising her child, but it also focuses on Love and her relationship to her mother (Diane, hence the title).

The film is depressing, but it’s not entirely depressing. I was surprised by the resilence of the children and the mother in this film. They go through really tough times, but they survive, and they seem like solid people. By “solid people,” I mean they seem pretty intelligent and educated, especially given the poverty and circumstances of their lives. I see and interact with many people like this in my work, but many of them are not as articulate as these people were in the film.

Of course, the filmmakers select which footage to show in addition to arranging the footage in a certain way. I had some questions about that. How did they get some of this footage? I wondered about the authenticity of the movie. It almost felt like MTV “Real World.” While the filmmakers did show scenes of emotional outbursts, they didn’t really show a lot that would make the principle characters look bad. I was left with the slight feeling that they were not telling the whole story, or at least there was episodes that they left out (or did not get).
Those questions aside, I got to like and root for Diane and Love. Throughout the film, I started to get to know these people, like them and really start to root for them.

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