Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

Mitchell, 22. January 2007, 1:58

This thing has a ridiculously high metacritic rating, which is why Reid thought we should go see it. It seems everyone liked it except me.

I thought it was fine, but the words people have used to describe it are all wrong, I think. “Magical,” “wonderful,” “brilliant,” and “engrossing” don’t cut it for me, because while I don’t shy away from darkness in such supposed fairy tales, I don’t think the film does a very good job at ALL of selling the magic, and this is critical for me. The main character is in a horrible, horrible situation, but there is no evidence at ALL that the place she’s going to is any better. This is no Narnia or Prydain or Terabithia or Hogwarts.

Perhaps it is wrong of me to hate a film for not being something it never meant to be, or even for what others seem to think it is, so let me just say that at the very least, this film does not work because the payoff is lame. I felt ripped off. I’d suffered through images so horrible I had to leave the theater for a moment and when we finally see where the main character ends up, it’s almost nothing.

Re: Pan’s Labyrinth (2006)

(I was going to write a review, but I’m too lazy.) Wasn’t that metacritic score ridiculous? I think it was 97–which would qualify it as one of the highest rated fims of all-time. The film no way lives up to that. Perhaps my opinion will change if I really analyzed the film and knew more about Spanish history, but at this point the movie was just OK for me.

The visuals and special effects were solid–the look, particularly the lighting reminded me of Jean-Pierre Jeunet, director of Amelie and Delicatessen. Still, that wasn’t enough to warrant one of the higest scores of all-time.

Mitchell, I don’t think we all really liked the film. Larri liked it, but not excessively (6/10). Grace seemed to have a similar reaction.

I wouldn’t strongly recommend the film.

On a sidenote, I found the reviews I read really disappointing because they don’t really show why the film was so great. Maybe if I have more time I could break it down.

Correction: I spoke to Grace recently, and she loved the film. If it wasn’t for the nature of some of the scenes, she said this could have cracked her top 10 of all-time! So maybe Mitchell and I just don’t get it.

I don’t know Tony’s tastes real well, but somehow I think he might like this.

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