Written on the Wind (1956)

Mitchell, 22. January 2007, 1:58

Written on the Wind
(Rock Hudson, Robert Stack, Lauren Bacall, Dorothy Malone. Directed by Douglas Sirk)

This is my first Sirk film, and I have to say I liked it a great deal. It does move a bit too far into melodrama for my tastes, but the story is compelling and the actors very, very likeable. There’s a certain horrifying, believable tailspin that I just found myself so engrossed in that I could not look away. The acting itself is not especially good (save Malone’s Oscar-winning performance), but I like the film-making. And yeah. It’s an interesting story. Plus, for once, there’s a character named Mitch who’s the good guy.

If you’ve seen Todd Haynes’s Far from Heaven, you know that it was a film inspired by Sirk, and you can really see that here. I’m glad I saw this.



I saw Written in the Wind, and I think I have a review somewhere in here. I’ve seen two other Sirk films–Imitation of Life and All that Heaven Allows. I liked Imitation of Life the best. The thing I like about Sirk is his juxtaposition of cheesy melodrama with serious social commentary.

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